Saturday, 21 January 2012

1978 Whitby Potash proposals

In 1977 /1978 a company called Whitby Potash submitted a planning application to extract potash from the moors around Whitby, and for a processing plant / refinery to be built on the edge of Whitby at broomfield farm off  Stainsacre lane.

The planning application was refused by the North York Moors National Park and Whitby Potash then appealed to the secretary of state for the environment, this resulted in a public enquiriy which eventualy ruled in favour of the National Park and against Whitby Potash.

The proposed processing plant at land off Stainsacre lane would have comprised of the following (dimensions and details provided by Whitby Potash to government inspectors at the inquiriy). >

Loading tower - 135 feet high - ground area 3,600 sq ft
Process building - 100 feet high -  ground area 22,000 sq ft
Administration block - 12 storeys high - 135 ft x 43 ft
Storage building - 85 ft high - ground area 116,800 sq ft
Laborotory - Staff Block - 3 sub stations - 1 pump house

The total area of the refinery / process site was to be 85 acres
The proposed chimney was to have been 265 feet high

The highest point of Whitby Abbey is 85 feet

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